Inserting stored procedure results into a table

Working with one of my colleagues earlier today, we found that we needed a way to store the results of a stored procedure execution in a table. He found this helpful blog post that shows exactly how.

One thing we found that the original blog post didn’t mention is that this approach works with table variables as well.  A revised example that uses a table variable is available as a gist on GitHub.

Saving Changes is Not Permitted (SQL Server 2008 R2)

We just upgraded our development VMs at work, and I got bitten by one of the more annoying default settings in SQL Server Management Studio again. I imported some data for use in some queries and needed to change one of the column types. But when I tried to save the change, I got the dreaded “Saving changes is not permitted.” error.

Fortunately, this blog post directed me to the setting I needed to change in order for SSMS to do what I wanted.

When default settings attack

When you first install SQL Server 2008 Express, the TCP/IP protocol is disabled by default.  Be sure the protocol is enabled (which requires restarting the service) before you try to run an application that depends on it, otherwise you could spend hours trying to figure out why your application won’t work.  It looks like SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer behaves the same way.

I suggested this awhile back to a co-worker who’d been struggling all day with why an application wasn’t working, and it turned out to be the solution.