Free Test Data

If you find yourself in need of test data (and if you write software for a living, you’ve got that need pretty often), pay a visit to  You have your choice of five different result formats: HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, and SQL.  If you’re using it for free, you’re limited to 200 rows of test data.  Donate $20 or more and the limit increases to 5000 rows.  If you don’t mind fiddling with PHP and MySQL, you can download the generator for free and set it up on your own server.

Finally joined Twitter

Being part of The Borg Facebook wasn’t enough–I joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago.  At least so far, it has succeeded in connecting me with the few friends of mine I haven’t found on Facebook yet.  I don’t use it from my iPhone that much yet, but fring seems to be a good enough client.