New Gig

Tomorrow will be my first day with FEi Systems.  They design, build and maintain healthcare IT systems, including health information exchanges and electronic health record (EHR) systems.  I’ll be helping their efforts in those areas as a senior developer.  I’m looking forward to being back in the healthcare sector (I worked for another healthcare IT company earlier in my career).  I think it can benefit a great deal from the deployment and usage of well-designed IT systems.

I wouldn’t have been aware of this company, or this opportunity without Stack Overflow Careers.  I was a beta tester on the original site (Stack Overflow), and since it launched it’s been a big help to me in solving a number challenging technical problems on a variety of projects.  Both the career site and Q&A site are worth your while if you write code for a living.


Just came across this story relating to my January 25th blog post on Mike Daisey’s story of his visits to factories in Shenzhen. As it turns out they were indeed stories–large portions of his monologue have been revealed as complete fabrications.

This American Life has fully retracted the story, so I thought I would do the same since I linked to it when it first aired.