Yahoo! News – NFL Game Broadcasts Coming to iPods

Interesting news for current and future members of the cult of iPod (I’m in the former category). I wouldn’t expect to be a huge moneymaker for Audible. Maybe they intend it as a “wedge” purchase to get people interested in buying more expensive audiobooks. It is a nice option for fans who don’t live where their favorite teams play. When IPod Sales Run Out Of Steam

Not exactly a doom-and-gloom piece for Apple, but it does project a time when the gap between the iPod and other digital music players has narrowed. The only idea that really jumps out in this piece as wrong is the idea that Apple will only be able to compete on price once the gap has narrowed sufficiently.

If there’s anything that Apple’s history proves, it’s that they rarely compete on price. Even with the new mini, it’s low cost is only relative to other Apple products. That said, I’m still planning to buy one. Yes, I’m one of those PC users who got caught by the iPod “halo effect” that’s been written about elsewhere in the press.

Social Security Formula Weighed (

If I’m reading this article correctly, it sounds like Social Security benefits are certain to be reduced, and these personal accounts are intended to provide an opportunity to make up the difference. It seems like a bad idea if the original purpose of Social Security was to keep the elderly out of poverty.