AppleScript + RSVP Emails = Weddings Guests Address Book Group

I’ve been using Macs as my primary home computers for about seven years now, but hadn’t developed an interest in using AppleScript until very recently.  I’m getting married in about six weeks, and my fiancee and I set up an e-mail address where everyone we invited to the wedding and reception could RSVP.  In retrospect, figuring out an Apple Mail rule (or rule + AppleScript) ahead of time would probably have been a better idea, but I didn’t think of it until after I had dozens of RSVPs and no convenient way to respond to the guests en masse with additional wedding information, hotel arrangements, parking, etc.  So I thought I’d figure out just enough AppleScript to go through our RSVP e-mail box and build an address book group out of the e-mails we received.

With an assist from someone on, I came up with a script that did the job.  I’ve made it available as a gist on GitHub.

There are probably a ton of ways to improve this script, but for what I needed, this does the job.


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