Wireless Mighty Mouse

I saw one of these as a clearance item at MicroCenter yesterday, so I picked one up to try it out.  In the tiny bit of time I’ve used it so far, the only annoyance (and a minor one at that) is turning the mouse on and off.  I find it challenging to move the slider on the bottom of the mouse without clicking the mouse body a few times.   I like the little trackball on the top for 360 degree scrolling (though I don’t find myself scrolling sideways much with a 24″ monitor).  I haven’t played with the configuration tool much yet, but it appears to give you a wide variety of ways to customize the mouse’s behavior.  We’ll see how the battery life is.


  1. sandro says:

    Don’t turn it off. It sleeps fine on it’s own.

    Battery life is good as long as you use high quality batteries. I’m using the long-shelf life rechargeables, and I get between 6-8 weeks to a charge.

  2. Scott says:

    I should have known Apple would be clever enough to make the mouse sleep on its own. The marketing copy on the website does a better job of hyping that when it comes to the wireless keyboard (which MicroCenter had none of when I was there).

    I’ll probably end up buying the wireless keyboard too. Fewer wires should make for a cleaner-looking desk in my office at least.

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