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iPod nano

The iPod I mentioned yesterday is the 4th (!) one I’ve owned. Each of the previous ones was sold to help fund the upgrade to the next one. I love this one even more than all the previous ones because it handles video.  The video is watchable, even at that size.  The nano makes great use of the screen when it isn’t playing video too.  The earbuds that came with this one are better than the previous ones, but I’m still going to buy a better set.

Thoughts on MacWorld

The most important product announced there isn’t MacBook Air–it’s Time Capsule.  I think far more people will find a use for wireless drive backup than they will for a really thin laptop.  Because Time Capsule also works as a router and can share a USB device (or devices if you plug in USB hub), you could conceivably share even more hard drive space and a printer to every machine on your wireless network.  As far as I can tell, Time Capsule provides more capabilities than Mirra Personal Server (a comparable backup/Internet access product) at a lower price ($300 for the 500GB version) in a much smaller form factor.  After a copy of Leopard, I think a Time Capsule will be my next purchase from Apple.

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