Welcome to 2008

If a single word could define my 2007, it would be “travel”.  I suspect it’s the biggest reason I enjoyed the year.  The places I had the chance to visit include:

  • San Jose, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Vancouver, BC (Canada)
  • Orlando, FL
  • Dallas, TX

There were a couple of short road trips to Pennsylvania as well.

Looking back at the five things I wanted to accomplish this year, I finished two: taking two full weeks off, and forming an LLC.  The latter should play a large part in what 2008 will be like for me.  The three things I didn’t accomplish last year go back on the list for this year:

  • Learn a new programming language/product. I ended doing nothing at all with Eiffel last year.  This year, particularly with the LLC, I’ve been thinking about specializing in a product.  When I worked for Lockheed-Martin, I specialized in the customization of Community Server.  I’ll either go back to that, or look at a technology from Microsoft (BizTalk, SharePoint, etc).  If I learn another programming language, it will probably be something like Python.
  • Re-learn the piano. I hardly played at all last year.  I’m glad my ability to read music hasn’t disappeared.  I’m not sure what it will take to get me practicing regularly again, but I’ll figure something out.
  • Study the Bible more regularly. I’ve started using online devotionals and religious podcasts to jump-start this.

One brand-new goal for this year is to increase my involvement in software development training.  Last year, I started an informal learning lunch program at work.  My original intent was to give the consultants that work for us multiple opportunities to transfer their knowledge to our permanent staff.  I ended up preparing and presenting on a wide variety of topics myself.  The program has been very well-received by the staff, and I’ve enjoyed assembling and giving presentations on best practices and technologies.  At the suggestion of friends & family, I’ve decided to pursue part-time openings as a technology instructor.  I’m scheduled to interview with a local community college for an adjunct position this month.  It will be the first work I do for my LLC if I’m accepted.

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