Chocolate Sunday at Cacao Anasa

I spent a few hours this afternoon making chocolate at the Cacao Anasa kitchen.  My friend Peter invited me to the third of these events since I’m in town for a conference.  If it’s possible to have more fun in a kitchen, I’m not sure how.  We made (and ate) truffles, cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate soup, and a bunch of chocolate-flavored drinks (spicy hot chocolate, and an assortment of stronger beverages).

Now that I’ve had freshly-made chocolate from my own hands, I’m sure I’ll be a lot more picky about what I buy.
The CEO/owner of Cacao Anasa, Anthony Ferguson, gave us a great education on the making of chocolate (and some of the health benefits).  Before today, I would never have known that chocolate is actually tempered, not unlike steel.  His biography is even more impressive than the great chocolate.

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