Another MacBook Pro Owner

I picked up my Intel Mac last week.  It will soon replace the Mac mini I bought in February 2005, and the Dell PC I bought a couple of years before that.  It’s the first laptop I’ve had that wasn’t issued to me by an employer.  So far, I think I’m going to be very happy with it.

The first impromptu performance test was this: can the MacBook Pro handle simultaneous installations of Windows XP Pro (in Parallels for Mac) and World of Warcraft (direct to the Mac)?  The answer turned out to be yes, even with over a gigabyte worth of WoW upgrades (and nearly 80 patches to Windows XP Pro, not including SP2).

The next items on the the to-do list for setting it up are these:

  • Install most of the stuff described here
  • Transfer data from the Mac mini
  • Install Microsoft Office 2003 on the Windows XP virtual machine

Sometime after this, I’ll attempt to install Visual Studio 2005 in the virtual machine and see how it works.

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