I haven’t blogged in awhile since finishing my latest project, My employer sent me off to Cognos 8 training last week. I’ve spent the rest of the time doing what I can to fill in the void between billable projects. My boss tries to fill in the time by assigning me tasks like documentation, and creating PowerPoint presentation on this or that flavor-of-the-month technology. The latest such assignment is to lead a project to create a web application our clients can use to communicate with us about past, present, and future projects.

My employer was very cheap concerned about the impact on the budget, so when it came time to implement an internal solution for defect/issue tracking back in 2004, we chose to customize the ASP.NET IssueTracker starter kit (I’ve discussed this earlier) instead of dropping some cash on FogBugz or Bugzilla.

Now that my boss has suggested looking at COTS or open source solutions (again), I’ll be spending at least some of this downtime trying to find an improved solution.

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