The acquisition continues

Lockheed Martin’s deal to buy Aspen Systems was finalized back in February, but until this week, the change hadn’t really manifested itself in a noticeable way. My colleagues and I have had more reports to write (since our bosses have had more reports to write), but not much else had changed until this week.

Yesterday we got an e-mail that our Aspen security badges were being replaced with Lockheed ones. The old ones will be deactivated April 1. Today we got an e-mail about company corporate cards we’ll be required to use for business expenses from now on. Bit by bit, the Aspen name and logo are disappearing from everything. Yesterday, they replaced it on the intranet. Today, the public website has the Lockheed Martin star on it (even though the title text still says Aspen Systems Corporation).

As I write this, there’s a crane outside the building removing the Aspen Systems sign from the side of the building (the sign said “pen Systems” the last time I checked since they’d only gotten 2 letters off).

I’m still waiting for more useful things to change, like intranet access, and software licenses for better tools.

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