Today is my 32nd birthday. To me, it doesn’t seem like a particularly special birthday. It isn’t like turning 13, when you’re finally a teenager, or 16 when you can drive, or 18 when you’re officially an adult. I remember being excited about turning 18 because I was finally old enough to vote. I don’t drink, but 21 was still a good birthday. People talk about turning 25 as a milestone, but I feel 24 was a bigger year for me because I bought my townhouse that year.

Looking back over the past year, I see a lot of changes. I finally got my MBA after 3 years of working full-time and school nearly full-time. I made my first career change by leaving a full-time programming role and moving into project management. Looking forward, I see the potential for more change. The Lockheed-Martin buyout could change things completely. I might start a business of my own this year, or get out of project management and into something else, like business development or strategy.

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