Yesterday, I got on a pair of skis for the first time since 8th grade. A friend and I went to Wisp to enjoy their cheap rentals and lift tickets (part of their 50th anniversary of operating). It’s a little weird to be an age where I can say I haven’t done something in 15 years (it’s actually 17 years, but who’s counting).

Skiing is a bit more terrifying than I remember, but ultimately a fun experience. After some initial awkwardness (ok, falling), I was able to get down a green run and a fairly challenging blue run in one piece.

There was one spill though, that introduced me to a new term: yard sale. Apparently, if you crash on a ski slope in a way that separates you from both skis, both poles, and a hat, it’s called a yard sale. On a run named “Boulder” (which should have been renamed Steep Sheet of Ice), I missed a yard sale by hat. Thankfully, I didn’t have more than a headache after, and there were no cameras.

For a more in-depth definition of yard sale (of course one exists), check out this link.

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