Fixing the C# IssueTracker SDK Beta

My boss wanted to use it to track issues with projects we develop internally and for clients. So I downloaded it, installed it, and began testing. So far, any problems we’ve had have been the result of missing database tables and/or stored procedures. What’s odd is that I’ve been able to find create commands for all the missing database objects in CreateDatabaseObjects.sql (located in ..ASP.NET Starter KitsIssueTrackerSetupDBScripts). I guess there’s something wrong with the script, because every other aspect of the setup seemed to work just fine.

Here’s a list of what I’ve had to add manually so far:


Stored Procedures

I also replaced the query in the stored procedure IssueTracker_Issue_GetIssuesByProjectId with the query of the same name from the Access database. It referred to a view named IssueTracker_IssueStatus that wasn’t in the database or CreateDatabaseObjects.sql.

If you’re interested in trying out this application yourself, C# and VB.NET versions of it are available at

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