The mini has landed

The Mac mini I ordered online back in February finally arrived tonight. The only real problem I’ve encountered so far is that it had trouble detecting my Linksys router from upstairs. What I’m not certain of is whether this was because I had MAC address filtering enabled initially. Once I disabled that and set everything up closer to the wireless router, Internet access worked fine.

Software installs were very simple. For the most part, I’d just download a file and drag it to the applications folder. Very easy, very clean.

I still have plenty of configuration work left to do though. If the mini can’t access the Internet wirelessly from a distance, I may spring for an Airport Express to see if that will boost the signal enough. If I can get a DVI cable, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for less than the Airport Express, it may be worth it to hook it up to my HDTV & stereo instead.

Networking it with my Win2K server will be another challenge.

Update: I moved the mini upstairs and turned everything on again. Now it’s connecting wirelessly with no trouble at all.

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