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About half an hour ago, I purchased a Mac mini. If you’ve read anything in the press about the “iPod halo effect”, I’m one of those buyers. Before buying my first iPod in 2003, I hadn’t spent a penny on anything from Apple. I was (and still am) a PC user. I still make a living designing and developing software for Windows. I’d barely used Apple machines at all outside of designing yearbook layouts for my high school in 1991 and on occasion during college. But my experience with the iPod has been so positive, when they announced that they would start selling a “headless” Mac, I knew I would buy one. Today just happened to be the day.

Here are the specs:
Mac mini 1.42Ghz processor
Bluetooth + AirPort Extreme Card
80GB Ultra ATA drive
4x SuperDrive
56k v.92 Modem

I bought AppleCare for it as well.

If you’re a Mac veteran, I welcome any tips and advice you have to share.


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