Owning My Words

After Scott Hanselman retweeted this blog post recently about owning your words, I’ve decided to get back into blogging (and hopefully spend less time on social media) after a long hiatus from an already-infrequent blogging schedule. Twitter in particular has probably consumed the bulk of my writing output from 2014 to now, with Tumblr hosting a few longer pieces on topics outside of tech.

I’m finding the process of coming with new topics that merit a blog post on a more regular basis a bit challenging, so I’ll probably start by revisiting older posts and using them as starting points for new work. The topics here will go back to having a clear tech connection, while other areas I’m interested in will get their own site. I bought a new domain recently that I like a lot better than the current .org that I may move this tech content to as well as a subdomain if I’m feeling especially ambitious.