Thanks Again StackOverflow!

About a month ago, I wrote a brief post about starting a new job.  In it, I tipped my hat to StackOverflow Careers, for connecting me with my new employer.  Yesterday, I received a package from FedEx.  I was puzzled, since I didn’t recall ordering anything recently.  But upon opening it, I discovered a nice StackOverflow-branded portfolio, pen and card with The Joel Test on it.  In the pocket was a version of my profile printed on high-quality paper.

I appreciate the gesture, and thank StackOverflow Careers and the StackExchange team not only for the portfolio (which I’ve already replaced my previous portfolio with), or for creating a great site for connecting developers with employers that value developers, but for the whole collection of Q & A sites that make software development (and many other fields of endeavor) easier to learn.