Aston-Martin & Jaguar Changing Hands

There’s been quite bit of buzz in the press about the possibility of Aston-Martin (and possible Jaguar and Land Rover) being sold lately. It interests me not because an Aston-Martin has usually been what James Bond drives in the movies, but because of a negotiation assignment in business school. My final assignment was to lead a team of my classmates (we represented Ford) in negotiating the purchase Jaguar (another team of classmates). As it turned out, our negotiations failed (Ford and Jaguar stayed separate).

The negotiations failed because we I didn’t account for the interests of a few of the Jaguar execs who would be “redundant” in the new organizational structure (they wanted their golden parachutes). But a few of us, myself included, thought the numbers in the case study alone were a sufficient argument against Ford buying Jaguar. It’s been a couple of years since that class, but the recent sales talk feels a bit like vindication.