Windows Vista: The Incredible Shrinking OS

According to this article, Windows Vista is losing yet another feature.  Reading further, PC-to-PC Sync doesn’t sound like much of a feature, since it only works between machines running Vista that have the same user account.  But add it to the removal of WinFS, Monad scripting shell, and other bits, and the remainder is an OS that requires more hardware resources (for a prettier GUI, whoopee!) without any discernable improvement in areas like performance or functionality.

Since Vista will probably be behind what Apple users now get with Mac OS X Tiger (not to mention Leopard when that finally comes out), perhaps Microsoft should quit kidding themselves.  A Windows XP Service Pack 3 release this year might help make up for Vista being so late.  Then they can target the Leopard feature-set so that they’re actually releasing something competitive in 2008.